Buy Ruby Stone Online at Shubhgems

Ruby stone is red coloured precious gemstone which is used for astrological purpose. Ruby is called Maanikya (Manikya) or Manik (Maanik). Maanikya name originates from the word ‘Mani’ meaning a Gem. In ancient time, Ruby was a symbol of pride and kingship. Ruby is considered a powerful gemstone as it symbolizes ‘Sun’. Sun is synonymous with power, leadership, confidence, royalty and superiority. Astrologically, Wearing Ruby gives confidence to its wearer. It is also considered very effective in improving personal as well as social relationships. Ruby should be worn in Ring Finger after astrological consultation. It can also be worn as pendant. Ruby comes in various color tones of red. One important fact to be considered while you buy ruby stone online or from a shop is to check that the color should be perfect Red. Any overtones of black or brown color should be avoided. Too light color (Pinkish red) should also be avoided. The Color should be perfect Red. The perfect red color of Ruby is the one which can be compared to the color of ‘Pomegranate’ or to ‘Pigeon’s Blood’. The Best Ruby comes from Myanmar (also called ‘Burmese Ruby’) or from Africa (also called ‘Mozambique Ruby). While you buy Ruby stone online, you must ensure that the stone is certified by a gem testing laboratory. The Certificate should mention that the Particular Ruby stone is Natural. One thing that is not covered in scientific testing is the existence of Cracks or Spots in the gemstone. It is very important that the gemstone should not have Black spots or Cracks, if you are wearing the stone for astrological benefits and want to enjoy the benefit of the stone fully. Ruby is worn in yellow metal. Hence the Ring or Pendant can be made in Gold, Copper or Alloy like Panchdhaatu. The Day for wearing Ruby is Sunday. For more information or to buy ruby stone online, You can visit us at or call: 8010555111 (India).


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